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    Cyrillic alphabet


  3. "Modern Cyrillic is open to all. Participants are not subject to any restrictions based on age, education, occupation or proficiency in languages using the Cyrillic alphabet.


    Cyrillic fonts, created and/or released after 15 September 2009 may be submitted to the competition. Both released and unreleased designs are eligible.


    Participants should indicate competition category on the application form. The jury and the organising committee reserve the right to change the category of an entry, or to exclude it from consideration altogether if it does not satisfy the competition’s terms and conditions.


    There is no limit to the number of entries. Both individuals and businesses may participate.


    Participation is free.”



  4. Uni Sans Free. You don’t see a gem like this too often. And… drumlineeee… it’s available for free!

    Read more and download @ http://fontfabric.com/uni-sans-free/

    Designed by Svet Simov, Ani Petrova (cyrillic alphabet), Vasil Stanev (font development). Thanks to all!




  7. Complimenting Erik Spiekermann for Fira Sans, his latest typeface, seems a little like telling the Iron Chef that he really knows how to cook. Yeah. Duh. We might even ask whether Fira has an unfair advantage over other fonts from 2013, because it’s built on the adamantium-plated skeleton of FF Meta, which Spiekermann has had 25+ years to polish (see also FF Meta Serif and FF Unit).

    Though the design may be familiar, Fira is still notable for the circumstances of its birth. It was commissioned by the Mozilla Foundation for the Firefox OS and released under the SIL Open Font License. So let’s give the Mozilla Foundation credit for understanding that type is a valuable asset, putting a suitable budget behind the project, and hiring someone who knows what he’s doing …


  8. This is the first Bulgarian graffiti typeface in cyrillic created for the 24th of May (Bulgarian national holiday celebrating the alphabet) as part of our campaign for Sprite Graffiti Fest 2014.

    Our challenge was to keep the graffiti style and still have legible letters. We strived for a functional font that would not only be useful for the graffiti community, but also for a wider audience. This way, apart from promoting graffiti we also help build a pool of more and diverse cyrillic typefaces.

    Client – Sprite Graffiti Fest
    Designers/Artists – Arsek & Erase (Four Plus)

    Font Developers – Ani Petrova & Vasil Stanev (Fontfabric)

    DOWNLOAD - > http://fontfabric.com/sprite-graffiti-font/


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