1. 10 FREE FONTS! (With Cyrillic characters of course)

    Get them while hot @ http://dezen.mk/fonts/406-10new-fonts-sep.html

    Give your thanks to https://dribbble.com/danijanev!


  2. fhdiakgn:

    Since many people have asked, my font can be downloaded from this link for now. It is still in the working phase, and I plan to make a font family soon. Enjoy and feel free to use it :)

    thanks fhdiakgn


  3. GT Walsheim Pro: Supporting Latin and Cyrillic

    10 September 2014

    "One of our typefaces took some classes over the summer break and is now able to speak almost every Cyrillic language on earth. We are proud to release the new GT Walsheim Pro family. This is typeface’s story by Grilli Type’s Noël Leu. You can also download the updated trial fonts that contain both the basic Latin and Cyrillic alphabets.”

    Read more about the process of creation @ http://grillitype.com/blog/typeface-stories/gt-walsheim-pro-font-supporting-cyrillic


  4. lazar27portfolio:

    coming soon cyrillic font

    snail script font



  6. fhdiakgn:

    My first font Pekmez :)




  7. types2get:

    Amanita Typeface by Krista Radoeva


  8. 10 new free fonts with Cyrillic characters!



  10. pavelplae:

    Cyrillic alphabet

    (Source: ciqle)